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Adobe Lightroom Week with Clifford Pickett: Day 3 - Throughput - Post-Processing Magic

  • B&H Photo 420 9th Avenue New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

An Overview, Demonstration and Road Map to Making Your Images Come Alive

What makes an image better? Honestly, without knowing this, how could you possible know which slider to drag and in which direction? All the tips and tricks in the world will not replace the new for a solid strategy, a visual roadmap, to use when processing your images. There is a specific way in which we are all hardwired to view and absorb visual information, including photographs. Knowing this unlocks the secret in post-processing, guiding the decision making process along the way. It turns out Adobe has a roadmap of their own embedded in the design and layout of the develop module. This presentation is designed to introduce you to both, and within that context, identify and demonstrate the various post-processing tools available to us.