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Adobe Lightroom Week with Clifford Pickett: Day 4 - Throughput - Post-Processing Magic

  • B&H Photo 420 9th Avenue New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

An overview and demonstration of all the tools available through Adobe’s Creative Suite to get your work out into the world

Sharing your work is perhaps the most critical component of photographic process. What is the point at all if others are not able to see your work? Prints are the traditional way to do this, but now we have websites, social media, we have multimedia presentations in the form of slideshows with music and video and what about proofing for client work, online portfolios and simply just being able to send your friends and family your images without having to resort to compressing and emailing them. Lightroom has several modules designed to help you share your images in all of these way and more. Lightroom is in fact the only tool you need to share your images in every way possible with the world. This presentation will showcase and demonstrate all of the possibilities, yes, even how to email them though you won’t want to after discussing the other tools available. 

Topics to be covered include:
● The print module: Soft proofing, prepping for print, layout, templates, color management etc. 
● Book module: Creating the ultimate book and having it deliver right to your door
● Slideshows - How to build slideshows with images, video and music
● Web - How to get your images out there, from building web galleries to directly publishing to websites
● Online portfolio creation using Adobe’s Creative Cloud solution as well as third party plugins
● Online proofing using Adobe’s Creative Cloud and third-party software
● Social media publishing - instagram, facebook, etc.